Flat Roofs vs Pitched Roofs: What's the Difference?

Although you may think that flat roofs are completely flat, they really aren't. They are installed at an inclined angle to prevent water from accumulating on the roof. Sloped roofs, on the other hand, have steeper slopes that effectively divert and drain water from the building. Do you want to pay less now or pay less in the long run? Ultimately, here's what you need to ask yourself.

Sloped roofs are more expensive to install than flat roofs. However, subsequent sloped roof repairs are usually less expensive than their flat roof counterparts. As the name suggests, a flat roof is a flat surface, while an inclined roof is slanted or tilted. Flat roofs are generally seen in metropolitan areas and in contemporary design concepts, while sloped roofs tend to be over traditional single-family homes.

Both have advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before making your decision. Sloped roofs generally have more complicated designs. On the contrary, flat roofs are downright simplistic. Unsophisticated roofing systems are relatively cheap to build, as they require fewer materials and involve minimal labor costs.

You've seen a lot of sloped roofs, and that's because they're good for a lot of reasons. For starters, sloped roofs are often considered more aesthetically pleasing than buildings with a flat roof. They also adapt to more versatile design options (such as building storage in an attic). Both sloped and flat roofs offer unique visual appeal to any property.

Sloped roofs are considered to be the more traditional option, while flat roofs are popular among modern and contemporary designs. Both roof styles can be constructed from metal materials, and metal sloped roofs can be an excellent combination of traditional and modern designs. Since sloped roofs are more common than flat roofs, you can probably imagine that there are a lot of reasons why many home and business owners choose them. Flat roofs also offer the option of rooftop bars, gardens and other services that are gaining popularity in commercial or multi-family buildings.

Homeowners and business owners might prefer to face fewer initial interruptions if they choose a flat roof, rather than the time-consuming installation of a pitched roof. For the sake of clarity, sloped roofs are roofs that slope upward to a point toward the center of the building. Because sloped roofs don't collect water as easily as flat roofs, they generally require less maintenance over their lifespan. Even if you don't choose to make your flat roof “green”, you can use the space as a patio area, depending on the materials it's built from.

Flat roofs need a waterproof seal to prevent moisture from entering, and that requires maintenance to ensure it works properly. Flat roofs remain the popular choice for commercial buildings because of the lower cost and their ability to support heavy equipment, such as air conditioning units. Pitched roofs are the traditional domestic roofing solution and are still popular today for a variety of reasons. For companies in particular, the fast delivery time of a flat roof installation can be very attractive due to the enormous reduction in downtime.

Whatever roofing style you choose, you'll need a professional team of roofers to maximize the performance, design, and efficiency of your roof. If you're considering installing a new roof on your home or business property, it's important to understand the differences between flat and sloped roofing systems. Sloped roofs offer superior protection against water damage due to their steep angles which allow rainwater to quickly run off. Flat roofs require more maintenance due to their tendency to collect water which can lead to leaks if not properly sealed.

Flat roofs also offer some unique advantages over pitched ones. For starters, they're much easier and cheaper to install since they don't require complex designs or materials like sloped ones do. Combine this with much cheaper design and installation costs compared to pitched roofs, and you can quickly save a ton by opting for a flat roof. Superior Services' roof installation contractors in Lansing are dedicated to helping customers like you extend the life of their new roof systems.

Werner Roofing is proud to offer free roof inspections for every customer, so you can be sure of the condition of your roof. If a problem arises with your roof, it's easy for a licensed roof repair contractor to inspect your sloped roof from the ground to quickly determine if repairs are necessary. Whether you're building a new home or doing a major overhaul of your current home's roof, both flat and pitched roofs have their pros and cons.