Is Exotic Hardwood Sustainably Harvested?

Certified HardwoodTrees are an extremely important resource to life on earth. However, trees also provide lumber as well as other materials we need to build structures. So how do we manage to keep the forests from completely disappearing? The logging industry has regulations put in place that help keep forests around the world sustained.

Sustainably harvested lumber comes from forests that are carefully managed and regulated. Many companies that sell wood choose to provide sustainably harvested hardwood to their consumers but some do not. The companies that do follow this practice must follow the rules and regulations set out by the origin country of the wood they are harvesting.

There are two ways that logging companies can sustainably harvest hardwoods: plantation and selective.

Selective harvesting is when the loggers are selective in the trees that they want to cut. The logging company takes great care to ensure that their actions have minimal effects on the surrounding area. This area is visited by the same company every couple of years to harvest more wood. Selective harvesting gives the forest enough time rebuild itself after trees were cut down.

Plantation harvesting is used mainly to grow popular types of hardwood. Logging companies will buy pieces of land from farms or land that has been abandoned. Then they will plant saplings, or young trees, in neat and even rows. The trees are checked on regularly and are examined for infestation, genetic abnormalities and diseases. Once they are fully grown, the trees are chopped down but the loggers take care to do minimal damage to the wildlife and soil. After a harvest, the land is reused to plant the next round of trees.

So is all hardwood sustainably harvested? While the answer isn’t always yes, Kayu buys specifically from companies that sustainably harvest exotic hardwood. Check to see if the logging company you are planning to buy from is a certified sustainable harvester. For example, Kayu Canada holds a certification from the Malaysian Timber Certification Council. When you buy batu hardwood decking from a company that participates in sustainability, you are helping to support a better environment for the future.