Do You Need An ATL Attorney For Nursing Home Abuse Cases?

malpractice webAs the Baby Boomer generation enters into their retirement years, there has been a significant increase in the amount of nursing homes being constructed and operated. Many care facilities are being created out of older homes, old hotels, and even old schools. With such a push to be prepared for the largest generation ever, many of these facilities are forgetting the most important thing: quality care.

Over the last ten years there has been a significant increase in the amount of nursing home abuse cases. These wonderful people, desperately in need of compassion and care are finding themselves being mistreated, starved, forced into dehydration, or even worse. These awful stories make the headlines and are soon forgotten. However, this negligence is a form of personal injury, and many attorneys believe that by suing for compensation they can force this necessary industry to start treating people in a manner they deserve.

Why A Personal Injury Attorney Can Make The Difference?

When nursing home abuse cases first started appearing in the news, the Law Offices of Ken Nugent knew they must take action. The horror stories of abuse and mistreatment were almost too much to bear. The revelations of nursing homes not having a doctor on staff, untrained care providers looking after patients, and lack of sanitary standards in an effort to reduce operating expenses was infuriating. It seemed apparent that these nursing homes only cared about their bottom line and not the patients.

Attorney Ken Nugent made it a priority to help these neglected patients seek recovery. He believed that this was the least he and his associates could do for these victims. Using compassion and aggression, the attorneys of the Law Offices of Ken Nugent began a campaign to help those injured in nursing home abuse cases. Their efforts have not only helped those who have been injured, but have forced issues to be addressed in this industry that is helping to improve the conditions in these homes.

If you or your loved one has been injured by a nursing home, the attorney you select to represent your case matters. You need a compassionate attorney who understands the nature of these cases as well as one that has the ability to fight aggressively on your behalf. When you are looking for a personal injury attorney ATL residents need the Law Offices of Ken Nugent.

With seven locations in Georgia, the Law Offices of Ken Nugent, an Atlanta Lawyer, are full service law offices capable of handling any type of personal injury case. In addition to nursing home abuse cases, the firm actively represents medical malpractice, workers compensation, vehicular accidents, and dangerous medication and medical device cases. These are not the only cases they represent, just a sampling. If you have been injured, they are available to help.

The elderly deserve our love and care. Their hard work is what has paved the way for each of us to have what we enjoy today. It is our obligation as a society to ensure that they are well cared for during this period of their life. If they have been injured, it is also our obligation to get them help and speak to an attorney to see I they have the right to seek compensation.