Live in Luxury with a Home in Kelowna

Sticky Post Posted on September 30, 2016 by in Real Estate

Owning a home in one of Canada’s four season suburb, Kelowna, is a dream many would want to achieve. Tour a dream home to find the Kelowna luxury homes for sale featured in many catalogs and magazines and you are wowed by the plush houses listed under different prices. So how about making that dream come true? Here are a few tips on how to start your journey to owning a luxury Kelowna home.

Look for an Experienced Property Agent

Kelowna Luxury Homes are on the higher side of things price-wise, thus as a buyer it’s important to have value for money in what you are purchasing. Looking for a professional property agent company with experience in the area is the first place to start. The top real estate agencies in Kelowna will give you the best comprehensive tour of the place pinpointing all the best available properties.

Additionally, these real estate agencies have established track records and an impressive performance history to show any client. If the reputation of a particular real estate agent goes as far as the 80s, you are on to something great. An established website is another selling point to a client—a readily available website means less time spent making inquiry phone calls.

Determine Where You Want to Live

Generally, Kelowna city is a very beautiful place to be given it is situated within a lake, in a valley. Its strategic position puts it on the front row seat to breathtaking sceneries like pine forests, provincial parks, waterfronts and the massive lakeside region. As a potential Kelowna resident, one has all the freedom to decide where their new home will be located.

It could be within the leafy forests where the air is always fresh and the sound of nature wakes you up every morning. Alternatively, your Kelowna bungalow could have a backyard that opens directly to the lake’s beach area with scenic view of its vast horizons.  It could also be a house located within the city but with close proximity to the beach, the parks, and the green forests.

As a rule of thumb, houses located close to beaches or the natural scenaries tend to have a higher price than those in the central business district. But this is not a barrier to life on the beach; one could still land an attractive and modern design laneway luxury house whose price will be fairer, especially if one is living alone, with a pet or a couple without children.

Kelowna Neighbourhoods

Luxury homes in Kelowna are organized within gated communities, which bring forth a sense of belonging and security. You could live high up in Dilworth Mountain where housing communities are spread around the mountain and surrounded by very pristine landscaping accentuating the beautifully architectural houses. You could also live where the Kelowna lifestyle started. This is Downtown suburbs with streets lined with trees.

You could live your dream of waking up by the waterfront or enjoying the serenity of the Dilworth Mountains. Work with a professional agency that understands the different listings of luxury homes for sale Kelowna. They will help you with pricing, housing location, house design and so much more.