Houses For Sale By Owner

A couple with 2 kids just recently sold their house by owner and did not go through a real estate broker. They keep coming back to that house all now and then. What’s going on? Why they keep coming back. I thought they shouldn’t be back if the house was sold and the new family living in it. Are they tresspassing? What gives? I do not know that much about selling houses by owner. Well, I have your answer. Whether the house was sold by the owner or by a Realtor makes no difference in terms of the activity you’re describing. Perhaps they made some kind of deal with the buyers that explains their behavior. For example, they may have agreed to hold the mortgage on the house until the buyers are able to sell their old house. As mortgage holders, the sellers may be checking to make sure that their loan collateral (the house) is okay. It’s also possible that the two couples just became friendly during the transaction and they’re over there to socialize. 🙂

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  1. so where are the new people at?
    are they okay with the old owners being there?
    and what does them being in a house that you werent selling or buying have to do with you?

  2. How are we, total strangers, supposed to know what’s going on next door to your house wherever you live? Why don’t you stop the couple and ask them? They will be able to tell you better what the situation is than anyone on this site.

  3. They may have made some type of friendly arrangement with the buyer maybe storage or cleaning up. . Does the buyer live there or not? Also, they may have been forced into making extra repairs. Technically, it’s trespassing that’s why people change their locks. Nothing changes but lack of commissions when a real estate broker isn’t involved. When you close either way the house is no longer under your ownership. If you are a concerned neighbor mention it in passing to your new neighbors without sounding nosy.

  4. it may deal wiyh the fact the old owners hold not only a 1st mortgage but a with a private mortgage they may have a wide rights in the terms of the mortgage loan this maybe a term

  5. Perhaps they have not closed on the property yet. Perhaps they are holding the contract and have the right to inspection. Selling house by owner not much different than agent.

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