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Sticky Post Posted on March 17, 2014 by in Marketing

SEO Versus PPC – What Are The Differences?

SEO  OptimizationYou might be planning to embark on an online marketing campaign using search engine optimization and unsure of where you should invest your money. When it comes to searching for any kind of product or service, findings show that more than eight five percent of Internet users use their favorite online search engine to do so. But they normally do not look past the first three items on the first page of the search results.

A search engine marketing (or SEM) campaign is important for promoting your products or services in the virtual world. You can choose SEO, PPC or both for your campaign. Search engine optimization is all about promoting any specific site and all its content so that it achieves the desired ranking on search engine results pages based on keywords. This is all done using aspects like meta tags, content, link building and more.

On the other hand, pay-per-click is all about purchasing the relevant advertisements based on the best keywords and putting them up on searchable websites. You may have seen various sponsored ads on the sites you visited. These are actually pay per click ads. When an online user clicks on an ad that displays in the search results, the advertiser earns a bit of money and the business gains a visitor to their site. This is a good alternative to organic SEO as long as you understand the process and have the cash as it could get quite expensive without any guarantee that the promotion will be successful.

The higher the advertisement appears on a web page the more costly it is likely to be. A popular keyword costs more money than one that is less commonly used. For example, dog is a popular keyword that would be quite costly, while horseshoes is less popular and would cost much less to use in advertising.

It all depends on your goal, whether it is a short or long term one. Quality website optimization is more appropriate for long term goals. Proper optimizing of a website may take time to begin to show promise but it will have very long lasting results. For a strategic approach of online marketing, optimization is the better way to go.
On the other hand, if you are just starting your online business and want quick results, pay-per-click might be the better short-term option.

A PPC campaign is suited for those who are seeking short term sales. It is aimed at gaining quick response by using a tactical method. If your company is planning to have a limited time promotion like a New Year or Valentine’s day sale, pay-per-click might the answer. The campaign will last as long as there is money for the ad. Depending on the number of keywords, pay per click can be much more costly than search engine optimization. You can promote a greater number of keywords for a better price by using good optimizing techniques.

There are pros and cons for promoting by SEO and for PPC. It all depends on what your company’s long term goal is. Website optimization can be effective forever but a pay per click campaign will only last until the money invested has been used up.

Regardless of whether you opt for search engine optimization or pay per click, it is best to hire an expert for the best marketing campaign results.