Passing Your Driving Exam Easily – Hire A Driving Instructor

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wet driving test courseMany people in the Greater Vancouver or more specifically, Coquitlam British Columbia area want to know how to pass the driving test easily. But everyone’s ability is different, and there are many factors involved that affect the learning process. Practicing as much as possible is important. You should hire a driving instructor well before your exam and learn all the lessons well. You should keep enough time for practice before the exam. Here are some tips to help you in passing your driving test.

1.    Take enough lessons

According to one of the top Coquitlam driving schools, Learn and Drive Academy, you should take at least 47 hours of lessons plus 20 private practice lessons to do well in your driving exam. This is the average number of hours you need to be with an instructor according to the DVSA. You shouldn’t hurry in taking the test. Driving lessons can expensive; but if you fail the test, repeating the test is more expensive. So, only take the test when you are ready.

2. Learn the Highway Code

You should know about all the rules in the Highway Code and study the ICBC drivers training materials to be fully prepared. You should know the legal requirements of any road situations. This will help you to avoid serious mistakes. It will also help to be calm and make good decisions even under pressure.

3. Get to know around the center test area

It is better to get around the area near your test center. Driving on an unfamiliar route may be difficult. So if you can familiarize with the center test area beforehand, it will help you on the exam day. You should look for hills, the traffic condition of the area, traffic system, etc.

4. Practice on the common driving mistakes

There are many common driving mistakes that people often make. These include not checking mirrors when moving off or before reverse parking, hesitation at roundabouts, failure to signal, poor hand placement on the steering, etc. You should practice these again and again so that you don’t make a mistake during the exam.

Want some insider tips on passing the ICBC road test?  Check this video out below:

5. Be aware of everything around you

You should be aware of any obstacle on the road. You should know how to control your brakes so that you don’t bump into a tree fast or hit a pedestrian.

6. Be prepared

Before the night of the exam, you should sleep well and then in the morning, you should eat breakfast. It is important to stay in the best form before the exam.

You shouldn’t panic during the exam. If you have taken enough lessons from your driving instructor and have practiced enough, then you should be comfortable during your test day. But you must also remember that even if you have done well during your practice lessons, there is no guarantee that you will do well in your exam. So, don’t be over confident and just give your best shot. At all time, you must stay calm and drive carefully.  Contact Learn and Drive Academy in Port Coquitlam for more information and have them ensure you pass your exam most often on the first try –
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