Resolving Disputes through Mediation vs. Going to Court

Avoiding costly court feesIf there is a ongoing family dispute or disagreement regarding anything, the first instinct a lot of people have is to go to court. The court is after all where justice is dispensed and it’s only fair to consider that option first. However, a court battle is not always a walk in the park; in fact, it is a very risky path to take. Family disputes are supposed to be very private and the more public they become, the higher the chances of an escalation.

If you are thinking of taking a dispute to court, you should stop and think about the impact that decision will have on the entire family. The good news is, there is a better way. Using no-court method has helped so many people to deal with family disputes in a more private and civilized manner. There are so many reasons that make the option of using a collaborative mediation attorney better than court:

Avoiding Expensive Legal Fees

If you decide to take your divorce or family dispute to court, you must be ready to pay the legal fees needed. At first, the overall fees needed by a lawyer to represent you will look quite affordable. However, as the case continues and becomes even more protracted, you will need to chip in additional fees to ensure your case goes on. This can really cost you so much. With collaborative law though, the fees are a bit cheaper.

Amicable resolution

In every dispute, the warring parties have their own demands. Although a court of law is basically designed to dispense justice, sometimes the manner in which such justice is dispensed can leave one or more parties involved in the dispute aggrieved. However, using a collaborative mediation lawyer can be a very good way of arriving at an amicable solution that satisfies each and every party involved in the dispute. Besides, a mediation lawyer can help you arrive at a solution faster.

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Although most people would do everything possible to get their way in any dispute, there is no doubt that many would prefer to do this privately. Take for example a divorce where there are children involved. It is in the best interest of the parents to spare the children the agony associated with divorce by keeping the dispute as confidential as possible. Using a collaborative mediation lawyer makes this possible. On the contrary, a court will publicize your divorce and chances are your children will get caught in the cross fire.

A Quicker Resolution

No one wants to be involved in a dispute for years. Everybody prefers to get over a dispute as fast as possible. Nevertheless, you can never know how long a court case can take. There are so many situations where a family business dispute or a divorce that could have taken a month to resolve goes for years without any resolution. This can be very stressful for the parties involved. A collaborative mediation lawyer will save you this trouble. You can arrive at a resolution faster so that everyone can move one with their lives.

The popularity of collaborative mediation lawyers is rising and such lawyers offer a better option to endless court battles. Just ensure that you do your search properly so that in the end, you get reliable mediation attorneys who know exactly what they are doing.  For competent and positive outcomes to your legal issues involving cases such as divorce, separation, wills and estates, inheritance and family business arguments, contact Doug Chalke at Resolution Law in North Vancouver BC at